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Inside Health Institute (IHI) is a 501c3 non-profit founded in 2016 to create an innovative model of providing holistic healthcare to treat a range of chronic illnesses including digestion, cardiovascular, metabolic (hormone), immune and mental health. IHI is forming partnerships with other nonprofit and for-profit community services and businesses, in order to facilitate optimum health and wellness for patients. Appointments and SIBO testing are now available.

Our Mission

What defines us

Bringing the model of integrative healthcare to all because everyone deserves excellent health.

Our Vision

Wellness for ALL!

Our Values

What guides us

The core values of Inside Health Institute have been established to set a precedent for the level of respectful, compassionate and meaningful care clients can expect from the organization. It is the organization’s intent to deliver on this promise through innovation, leadership and the integrity of program services.

We promise to respect all aspects of the client relationship (whether the client is a patient, health care provider or community partner) while carrying out our mission.

It is every patient’s right to receive compassionate care and we will strive to meet the specific needs of each individual.

We value the importance of transparency in all organizational operations and our board of directors, staff and volunteers will act accordingly.

Our level of commitment to integrity and accountability will ensure the delivery of ethical healthcare to all patients seeking program services.

We will continually identify best practices and serve as a model for healthcare organizations in order to remain relevant in an evolving industry.

We will serve as the pioneers in creating a health care model that will address the needs of all patient populations holistically, facilitate meaningful patient health outcomes and make positive contributions to the current health care system.

We commit to fairness and equality in all relationships, both internal and external.

Transforming Healthcare, Transforming Lives.

SIBO testing and clinical services

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10614 Beardslee Blvd. Suite C Bothell, WA 98011